Artificial Pancreas




All commercially available insulin pumps are open-loop, i.e. the users have to adjust the insulin infusion rates by themselves; hence, the fluctuations of blood glucose are large and the prone of fluctuations depends on external factors such as whether the user is proficiency in using an insulin pump. Using an open-loop insulin pump is not only troublesome but also leads to more hypoglycemic events.

Recent improvements for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) have set the stage for designing closed-loop insulin delivery system, termed as artificial pancreas (AP), where an automated control algorithm adjusts insulin delivery rate based on CGMS readings using a continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) pump. An ideal AP system aims to control the blood glucose into the normal range without human intervention. It not only can reduce the pain that frequent insulin injections and fingerstick, but also can effectively avoid the errors and delays caused by human action. AP system is widely considered the most promising technology for curing all type 1 diabetes mellitus and part type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The PI of our team, Dr. Youqing Wang, started to work on this field since 2008. The main research interests in this field include: fault-tolerant control of AP, learning control of AP, individualization of MPC for AP, bi-hormonal AP, and hypoglycemia prediction.



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